Jack – searching

March 12-16,2012.

Ever since Jack recovered from the fever I have noticed he does not the same normal stamina as before. in the morning he seem to be distracted and lost direction. But he has a good appetite and when a child has a good appetite would you think he is not well?

He gets his daily intervention lessons, yet he seems to be lost. Across my mind, I am looking into blood sugar level in Jack. Could it be that suddenly his body is unable to maintain proper blood sugar levels, resulting that Jack looks lost and not fit? I am looking into his diet before he come to the centre in the morning. I have been monitoring him for few days. When he reaches the centre I offer him something to eat before I start the lesson with him. He seems to learn better and is not lost.

Typical symptoms of a low blood sugar level are:

Could it be that Jack has hypoglycemia.? How will we know ? Only a blood test will tell us. In the modern living, many children have a metabolism disorder, but how many parents are aware?

In term of reading, Jack is improving, though he is still far behind when compared to the normal children without learning disorder. There are no short cuts to develop and improve a learning disorder child. It is a job that takes daily effort and continuous attention.


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