Ruth – creative and writing skills

April 6, 2012.

The satisfaction to work with learning disorder children kept me focused on how to help them improve each day. This happened in my work with Ruth, she is not just improving her writing skills, she also learns social life.

Her writing skill are improving each day, her father works with her at night and the next morning I provide the intervention including writing skills. Ruth is now able to trace words. Instead of prepare writing worksheet in alphabetical order, I have prepared word tracing sheets with a focus point on certain alphabets. When she done the tracing Ruth is able to recall certain alphabet.

Ruth is not just good in memory and reading, she is creative and invents new games. E.g. she sits on the side of the playpool and pretends she fell into the pool, she says “help help help me” to Ian and other children. Ian will learn to say the word of help and try to imitate what Ruth has done like fall into the pool. (pool is without water).

She also leads the other children to walk along the side of the pool, this really develops their focus to walk and balance as the pool has a depth of 2 to 3 feet. They walk one by one. It is such a natural development therapy. Many time we adults crack our head to think how to help the learning disorder children. I seeĀ  that Ruth and other children have improved by playing and exploring the garden with the plants. Some children will pick up leaves to observe and touch.

ruth in autumn

Different colors and shapes of leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Touch is a sensory stimulus. Different leaves will have different textures and shapes. Fresh leaves have green color and dry leaves turn into brown. Ruth learns the color of the leaves as she explores. It may seem simple, but really there are no short cuts to improve a learning disorder child. In this writing one may think it is so easy. But again it takes hard work to observe and think what is the appropriate therapy introduced at the right time for these children.


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