Caleb – Fear of heights

April 9, 2012.

It takes patience to observe learning disorder children. The case of Caleb is a good example. On the surface he may look tough, but internally Caleb has fear of heights. Little children in general like to climb up ladders but Caleb knows his own limits, hence he does not climb up the ladder when I diud some gardening with his parents.

On one occasion I took all the children to the public playground with various slides. I noticed Caleb only went to explore the lower slide, then he moved to the swing and see-saw. Thereafter he went to sit in the shade and wait for us. I went over to invite him to join the group, I put him up the high walk way to the slide (4 feet high). Caleb did not dare to walk: he crawled to the slide. Wow how can this happen? This is a little developmental disorder.

From that week on I have put Caleb unto different dimension therapy with rebound therapy and gradually he builds his proprioception and confidence. He is now able to walk to go to the slide instead of crawling. I may seen only a little improvement, but for Caleb it was a big step forward.

In doing therapy with Caleb I develop one skill after another, this also helps Caleb to focus on what he is doing and learning. Currently he will manipulate the creative blocks to assemble things and he does so much better compared with the first month he joined these therapy lessons. He is more focused, after assembling the block he will use his imagination and play a story to share what he is doing. This I name “creative play”, which many adults have forgotten about. We tend to get structured toys which fail to allow the child to use its exploration skills, fantasy and imagination.

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