Ian – Spontaneous learning

April 20, 2012.

Ian was not well. His sister has hand-mouth-foot disease last week. So his mother quarantined Ian from school for a day after the weekend. What a responsible mother to think of other children as well! Many parents will still send their kid to the centre if the kid is not well, but they fail to understand that when  a child is not well it needs to have enough rest to recover better. Also the ill child can infect other children..

As usual, Ian will come to centre with a cheerful smiling face. He will put his belongings away properly.  Thereafter he will look for a broom to sweep the leaves in the garden. I think of coordination development as he holds the broom and try to sweep the floor in the garden. These little activities come spontaneously, it will improve his motor skills,  coordination and attention span.

In Rebound Therapy, Ian will say “high” to indicate he is interested to start RT. When we start RT, Ian will count the number of bounces: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10. On certain occassions I purposely recite the number counting in Mandarin. His mother said Ian begins to count in Mandarin. I smile and say I use Mandarin counting while Ian does RT bouncing.

Most of the therapy is done spontaneously while the child is actively involved and engages with other children. Ian has become more aware and socializes with other children.  He can  accept instructions.

When therapy becomes second nature and is really integrated with the child’s spontaneous behavior, the it becomes most effective and the best results are obtained. However this “spontaneity” does not comes by spontaneously: it takes many hours or even days of careful observation by a skilled therapist to adapt the therapy to each individual child.




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