Caleb – settle to focus

May 6, 2012.

It has been weeks I have not updated my blog about Caleb. Does he improve in attention span? Is he able to sette down to focus and associate with other children in the centre? Many times we as an adult can’t wait to see the child improve as the day goes by. Obviously Caleb has improved from an outdoor boy into a boy who begins to like books. Daily Caleb will go through all the therapy programmes such as character building development, physical development and cognitive development. He is able to listen to storytelling, reading,  movement activities and creative play.

Caleb has also learned to accept instructions, eg after playing Caleb no longer just walks away without putting the playthings away. Even if he was not able to tidy it up well, when being called, he will come back to tidy up. He learned to be a responsible young kid.

I also do therapy to improve his physical posture,  I noticed he is able to walk in a better position, at least his hunch-back is improving with better posture. He is also able to focus a longer time. Feedback from his parents learned me that Caleb is able to attend their church children class without his parents to be with him. Before Caleb came to attend the therapy lesson, he couldn’t fit into sunday school class as he will move around. This happened to him also when he attended the pre-school before he was send to my centre for intervention. He used to move around and couldn’t sit to finish any activities.

The way he expresses his need also improved by using the word “please” eg:  “please help me”, “please open the gate”, Compared to previously, Caleb only said “open gate” but now he says “please”. Proper manner has to be cultivated when a child is young.

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