Ian – Initiative

May 2012

Time really passed by so fast. Mid May 2012 and Ian has gone to see his development pediatric doctor for a follow up check-up. It was pleasing to hear personally that Ian has improved compared to the last time he was there at the end of 2011 .

Ian now takes more initiative to communicate, e.g. when his mother comes to fetch him, he will initiate to talk with two words “Please open”, “Open door”. He is even able to tell his mother to go home. “Mama go home”, Ian was a boy who gave no response when he first joined in for therapy in March. His ability to understand instructions also improved. If I say “Please put your bag on the shelf”, he is able to process the instruction given to him. Many times after he sees a book, he will just put the book on the desk. Again before he takes another book I will tell him “Ian please put the book on the bookshelf”. He is able to follow those instructions.

Ian also has auditory processing difficulties. One day in early March we had water jet fun and we found out he can’t stand the sound of the water jet. Therapy of auditory process in a very natural way has helped Ian. This natural way needs involvement of the parents. I am glad his parents did take the initiative to take him out to the real life even with different pitches of sound and voices in different settings. Two Fridays ago, we were on the water jet again. Ian no longer screamed, he is able to take it though he did not stand near the water jet. He did not cry. He will just go up to trampoline for  rebound therapy. He jumps and counts the number of jumps he makes.

Hard work in therapy, coupled with his parents’ involvement has really improved  Ian to another level of learning. Currently we are working on his posture. I noticed how he has a lazy posture: even when scribbling on paper, Ian will use one hand to support his head  instead of sitting in a proper manner. I will have to work on that. Body and mind are really one: a lazy and sloppy posture will lead to a lazy and sloppy mind.

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