Jeft – success

June , 2012

When Jeft came to the centre he was without reading and writing skills. I am happy to report that Jeft now has been accepted to homeschool, his father told me. Jeft will leave us in September. I am so happy to hear this news. My early intervention to Jeft has improved him overall and made him ready for school. Many time we as an adult rush a child to a formal “grade 1” or “year 1” education just because his age is 7. But do we check whether the child is ready? When a child is not ready for the grade 1 academic, the child will struggle and loose interest to learn. Jeft’s parents have send him for evaluation at the home schooling centre where he will attend class.

His parents decided to send Jeft to homeschool, he has a sister who is in private school. Jeft is a very happy child, he enjoys reading very much but he didn’t like Mathematic. It is good for him to be able to express himself about his likes and dislikes.  Amazingly now Jeft  has gotten  into the habit of doing maths daily though it is not a lot of questions he attempt to solve, but at least 6 question he does: sometimes all are correct, sometime one mistake due to carelessness. I read a lot to Jeft, He now  enjoys reading himself, he reads all kinds of books. He enjoys reading science material the most.

His obsession with ultra man, power ranger, transformer has totally healed. Last week, when his father came to fetch him, he opened the behind seats and found 4 cds of ultra-man, which he immediately  handed over to me. His father really walked along the way with Jeft, his father also encouraged him to remove all this from home.  Jeft has also handed over many ultra-man, power rangers, transformer toys, cds and clothes  to me.

Healing this obsession would not have been possible without his parents’ support. We should never forget that without the whole family joining in the efforts started in the centre, success will not be possible. It is a journey we all have to walk together and in the case of Jeft we arrived together to our destination. Jeft is now well prepared to move along.

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