Abel – Speech development

July 2012,

This is the first time, i write about Abel. He has been in the centre for the past three months.He came 3 time a week lesson with us.  When i first meet Abel. I don’t see he talks. According to his parents when Abel wants something he will just point, if he can,t get it he will roll on the floor. He will knock his head on his mother.

My therapy lesson is design in according to the need of Abel . He will go thru Rebound Therapy, Neuron Sensory Procecssing, Speech lesson.To be able to talk is what the parent hope Abel is able to acquire.

In the centre, I also notice Abel has the symptom of roll on the floor when he can,t get the thing he wants. I also observe what Abel  is interested. I have taken what he like to convert it become a lesson to Abel. Abel love transport vehicles. Hence I have make a set of   the vehicles with picture and word in a ring. Each time after therapy I will engage Abel to communicate with me. Off course prior to speech I have also do oral organ stimulation with Abel. Abel now is able to name the vehicle name, he has also shows interesting in acquired skills. He will take the ring to show teacher and ask. Teacher will name the vehicle and there are time they ask Abel to name the vehicles name.

I notice Abel has now less roll on the floor. He is more aware of what he does and the environment around him. Daily Abel will have to go on for Rebound Therapy. He enjoy the boucing. Rebound Therapy has trained Abel to be able to handle his emotional anger. Even he is not happy, he will have tears but not as he was before. He can cry and scream for a period but he less in screaming.He is more interactive with people. He learn to share his toys with friends. Not an easy journey but a proper design early intervention programme according to the Abel’s  need will definately help him to growth

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