Ian – Moving on speech

July, 2012.

July is an adventurous month for working with  Ian, He takes now more and more  initiative to communicate compared to last month. Daily Ian enjoys Rebound Therapy before I work on other therapies with him. Each time after therapy I will give Ian some follow up activities to do.

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His speech  has improved so much. For instance, I will purposely put some coloring page with an animal picture on the table. Ian will want to color it but he cannot reach the color pencils which I put up on a high shelf. I will purposely approach him and ask him: “Ian what do you want”? He will answer “I want color a pencil”. Though not in perfect grammar but at least he attempts to make his wishes clear and then I show him a box with a variety of color pencils. Again I ask him “what color do you want”? Ian will reply “blue”. I then give  him  a blue color pencil. Ian is happy, he  then walks away to show the color pençil to another teacher. He says ‘blue’ and teacher will emphasis, “yes, this is blue”.

Then Ian will walk back to the paper with the animal picture to color. As Ian progresses in coloring I will come in and ask some questions, like “What animal is this?”or “Can you tell what others animals are there”? Words like “this is a big elephant” or “a small giraffe” were introduced to Ian.

His mother told me, at home Ian saw a flashcard with a big ball printed on it. Ian said “this is a big ball.”. Amazing! Ian was a boy who could not talk or respond when he first joined the centre about 5 months ago. But now he is able to talk and is more receptive to instructions.

Occassionly I will say “Ian come here and sit on the chair.” He is able to come over to me and sit on the chair. There we will start training his communication skills. The lessons have been designed to be fun for Ian to develop and learn. The involvement of his parents in developing Ian has helped him to improve and integrate better. There is no magic involved in improving a child. All it takes is listening to your heart and walking and working together with them.


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