Caleb – Attention span

August 2012.

Each time I look at the calendar I begin to feel that time passes by very fast. As the time passes by the child keeps growing. Caleb keeps growing, what about his attention span?

As usual everyday all children will have rebound therapy. Caleb is able to sit and keep his  focus during story telling with a “question and answer” section. He is quite a vocal child. However when it comes to carrying out tasks, he does not show much initiative and this has been going on for about a month now. What could be the reason?  I found out that Caleb was tended by a baby sitter after the lessons with me and that a little girl also in the care of the babysitter was bullying Caleb. The little girl will fight with Caleb for toys. It does not matter who is to blame for this fighting, but I believe definitely that this fighting affects Caleb’s emotional well-being and self esteem.

So in our lessons, even more than usual, we try to approach Caleb and make him participate in the activities. It takes a while to activate his brain engine -he is a slow starter- but  eventually Caleb did participate again in activities. This shows that any progress we see, is not to be taken for granted. Seemingly unrelated events may cause that progress to suddenly disappear. Everyone should always be on the look-out that all the hard work Caleb has invested in his progress is not in vain.

We have now begun to prepare Caleb’s writing skills. First is the basic stroke. I noticed Caleb has a poor grip of the pencil, he is unable to realize how much pressure his fingers have to exert to control the writting  and coloring.

Many time society will only look into the physical body to determine if a child has learning disorder or not. With Caleb, society may not notice that he has error in learning proccessing. Will Caleb be able to overtcome this and excell? Let us work hard for it.


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