Ian – New development.

August 2012.

Time really passed by very fast. As the day goes by I wonder how Ian’s brain neuron plasticity will develop when growing up.

Feed back from Ian’s mother: she said “Ian is able to say ‘wet wet'”. One night, around midmight, Ian walks to his mother’s bed and told her “wet wet”. She thought his pants are wet, but upon checking that was not the case. And Ian repeated “wet , wet”. Then she realised Ian was wearing a diaper for sleeping at night. True enough the diaper was wet and the wetness made Ian uncomfortable and unable to fall asleep. It is a big step for Ian to be able to express his feelings and make the link between an uncomfortable situation, the solution and use language to bridge that gap. Ian’s mother saw that he took another new step in his development which she did not encounter before.

Ian has also begun to learn to accept instruction. eg, at noon when Ian’s mother comes to fetch him, generally Ian will take his sweet time to walk to his mother to go home. There are times he walks but sometimes he goes to the garden to play about. He did not have the urgency to respond to his mother’s instruction to go home.

On one occassion, I told his mother to drive off the car when Ian does not respond to her instructions. Wow, Ian’s mother really drove off and when Ian saw it, he cried. I took this opportunity to explain to him: “Next time, you must listen to what mama says. When mama says ‘go home’, you must get ready to go home”.

The next day, Ian was as transformed. When his mother said “Ian let us go home”. Ian was very alert to say, “Where is shoe, shoe”. He got his shoes, put them on and walked to hold his mother’s hand. There he walks with his mother to the car.

There is no short cut to improve a learning disorder child, it is a slow process. I have seen Ian has developed much compared when he first joined the class. He has transformed from a boy who was unable to say a word, but he can now say short phrase like “what is this”, “where are shoes”, “mama comes”, “This is “.

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