Abel 1.1- wonder

August 2012.

Time really passes by so fast, and I apologize for the slownes of updating my blog. I have been spending much time in observing child development after the therapy lessons. Abel’s poor vestibular system has him to bang his head when he can’t tolerate certain movements. Abel also feels discomfort near plosive sounds. Rebound Therapy and other therapy methods I designed for Abel have improved him much. His head banging has reduced.  His ability to tolerate plosive sounds has improved. This has really calmed him down in many ways.

Learning by Doing

Learning by Doing (Photo credit: BrianCSmith)

This has also increased Abel’s interest in acquiring new knowledge. As usual his passion is to learn to name the name when I show him the picture of a vehicle. He is very curious to learn new things. He will take a book to show us and wants to learn the name of the pictures. I have cultivated an interest in him to like books. Daily he will take books with words to flip and look.

The integrative therapy programme designed for Abel has also helped him to express more of himself. Eg. when Abel want to eat, he will say “I want to eat”, when we are playing with a ball I will start by saying “catch the ball”. When I throw ball to Abel , he will say “catch the ball”. Then I will say”roll the ball”. As I roll the ball to him. he will say “roll the ball”.

The integrative therapy programme has  triggered in Abel a very spontaneous development in learning and communication.

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