Ruth – Music lesson

August/September 2012.

In August I managed to invite a music centre to come in to conduct modern music and movement to the children in my centre. It was so amazing  to see how they could follow instructions and act to the music tempo.

Ruth has also participated in this music lesson. For the first lesson she enjoyed the music title “cha, cha”, She was able to play the tempo with a tambourine  but the next lesson she become  quite agitated. After careful observation I begin to realise that during the month of August, Ruth has attended less Rebound Therapy lessons due to school holidays  and some festival public holiday.

Now it is September and Ruth begins her regular Rebound Therapy again, together with other therapy lessons designed for her. I notice she is to able to accept the music “cha, cha”. She begins to enjoy it as she did before.

Her parents took her on a week vacation to India. When school started again I welcome her. I ask her where she has been? Ruth replies “I went to India”. Then I ask her who went with her and she replies “appa(father), amma (mother), pathi (grandma), akka (sister).” Her ability to understand how to use “who” shows she improves her understanding in using English words. This is not parrot talking.

Reading is not a big issue for Ruth. Daily she spends some time reading, writing and maths counting, all activities to prepare her for preschool readiness. Her ability to control her temper has also improved and shows she is aware what she is doing. Certainly, she still gets angry from time to time but she will say “I angry” and then she walks away to read books. She has insight in her own feelings and is beginning to master them.

It is a life long process, all part of the journey of life.


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