Ruth — Music lesson

Oct 2012.

Day in day out, month in month out, year in year out. Time really passes by very fast. It is October and soon we will reach the year’s end. I have been working with Ruth since January 2011 and I am glad and pleased to say I have learned much from Ruth as well. Her uniqueness has attracted many people to have compassion on her.

In the centre, lately Ruth will make a little noise when her father sends her to the centre, However when on Friday, my assistant went to fetch her to the centre,  she did not make any noise. She was very eager and said she wants to swim. I think she is clever and tries to find her way to make her father take her back home by make noise. However her father remains firm and after her father left, Ruth enjoys herself in the centre.

Drum Orb Cluster

Drums Cluster (Photo credit: SWARM Sounds)

Ruth improved in following the music lessons:  to a certain extent she will even tell the teacher what music she wants to listen to and play and sing. Her ability to listen and to follow shows she can carry out instructions. Music has become a fun time to Ruth and her friends in the centre. I notice Ruth is good in drumming. The movement of her hands are well coordinated with the tempo. She can  sing too. She has a good memory to memorise the lyrics.



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