Ian – Communication adventure.

October, 2013.

This month is a challenging month for Ian and me. Ian had to go for his half yearly developmental specialist evaluation on his progress. I was really happy to hear the possitve feedback of his improvement.

Ian keeps improving. From a child who didn’t respond to instructions he now became a child who understands and follows instructions. He became more aware of his environment and things around him.

His mom said Ian is able to change his own pants. however then she could not  find the pants anymore, She does not know where Ian has put it. Ian’s mother had to search the whole house… finally she found the pants in Ian’s sister chest drawer to keep clothes.

Being a therapist to work with Ian, I know Ian understands he has to put the pants somewhere. It is just he was not aware where is the right place to keep his own clothes. How will Ian develop that skill if he has not been taught of keeping own clothes in the right chest of drawer? I suggested his mom to label the chest of drawer by putting his picture or his name on it. In home environment his mother can now ask Ian to take his own clothes and show him where to put his clothes as part of the living skill at home. Sometimes it are small adjustments only that are needed to make children perform better.

Ian’s speech also improved with more vocabulary being developed eg. the word “help me”. He is able to apply these words in more practical and concrete situations. The same goes with the words “let me go”.

Ian loves animals. I have therefore used animals as the starting point to link him to know other words. A though journey but very meaningful to see Ian improve each day.

The visit to the specialist was amazing. Normally after the evaluation the Doctor will ask Ian to draw a human face. To my surprise Ian draws a human face with eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair without scrabbling. Ian is doing well!

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