Ian – Good dinner with me

Nov 2012.

I think it is interesting to tell you something about the evening I went out with Ian for dinner. Therapy “beyond the centre” as it were.

This is the fist time I went out with Ian, his sister, mother and the domestic helper. It is also the first time Ian sits inside my car. I had him sit in the front next to me. It took us about 20min to reach the restaurant. In there, I invited Ian to sit besides me.

iPhone Generation

iPhone Generation (Photo credit: xcode)

Now lets see how long can he endure to sit quietly for the dinner without any Iphone or Ipad  to entertain him. Well after about 40min, Ian became restless and he begins to ask for Iphone from his mother.. I have also told his mother to give me the Iphone, so she could not give in to his requests. Surprisingly Ian did not throw his usual tantrum for not getting the Iphone. He then approached me for the Iphone, I say “no”.He did not get angry. So he went off looking for other things to entertain himself. He went to see the Ice Cream chiller.

Feedback from his mother: Generally Ian will get upset and throw a tantrum if he fails to have the Iphone. But to her surprise Ian is able to control himself in public when going out with strangers. Ian endured almost 50min for the dinner without an Iphone to entertain him.

We took another 15min drive from the dinner venue to the centre. Again Ian sits besides me without make noise.

Wow this is super! What could have become an adventurous outing with Ian for dinner, turned out to go very smoothly..

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