Ruth – Focus and endurance.

November – December 2012.

Beginning this November we have again challenged Ruth. After her improvement in speech and communication processing, I am now working on her writing skills. At the present moment Ruth is able to write the alphabet without having to look at the examples.

I even noticed that Ruth begins to understand that she needs to follow our ┬álessons in a more structured setting, somewhat like what is done in the mainstream schools. So I have established a schedule for Ruth to follow daily in the centre. For the first time Ruth is able to work at the desk for 45 minutes then I take her for a therapy lesson. Then again desk work for another 45 minutes. After that I release her for block assemblies. To my surprise Ruth says “Ummm”. She feels a relief.

She has also improved on her understanding of the material she reads. eg. instruction like “circle the largest objects; color the smallest objects; cross the wrong answer”. Her understanding of language shows that Ruth understands and interprets what she reads and she can convert it into an action to carry out.

As she develops better concentration, her ability to focus on cross movement has also improved. She begin to follow the movements which she was unable to perform in the begining of the year. It comes more easy to her to follow instructions, she can now better control her anger. She is such a joyful girl and with Christmas I give her a present, which made her very happy. She took some funny poses with the Christmas sock and I took some photos. This is a great achievement: she used to run away when someone wanted to take a photo of her.

The basis of success is preparing the lessons in according to her needs. I know there is no standard therapy for working with learning challenged children. It takes a keen observation skill to properly see the child and put together a lesson plan to develop her by stages.

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