Abel 1.2 – Speech

Dec 2012.

Time really walks by so fast. It is reaching the end of the year. Did Abel attain further development?

Able grew up in a family of a Malaysian father and a Vietnamese mother. At home Able will speak Mandarin. But his speech in Mandarin is not clear when he first joined the programms. However as he grows in the programme, now I can hear what he says in Mandarin. His speech has become more clear.He is able to repeat now what we say compared to the first time he joined us. when he was unable to copy what we say. In such case how can he develop speech, I wonder? I am not just doing Rebound Therapy with Abel, I also enrolled him in an holistic programme in the morning hours of the 3 days he comes. Providing him with lessons that develop speech and communication and sensory processing development.

Abel’s understanding of instructions given in English has also improved.His pronounciation also became clearer. This development indirectly also enabled him to express and control his emotions andĀ  frustrations. He throws less tantrums now.

His interest to acquire skill and speech is a plus point to Abel. Whenever he sees a book or picture card he doesn’t know how to name it, he will will seek help.

InĀ December, Abel’s father requests us to help in child care. To my surprise Abel no longer needs someone to feed him. Now Abel can coordinate his movements to feed himself. Two months ago Abel still needed assistance to feed him.. Now he feeds himself. He enjoys his time in learning from us.

Truly there is no short cut to improve learning challenged children and all are unique. We as adults have to accept that they have their own ideas and interests. Improving Abel’s speech skills were the first step. From then on he could express himself and developed his other abilities. Communication is really the most important skill humans have.

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