Ruth – Maths processing.

Jan 2013

January is the most  challenging month for Ruth. We begin to strengthen her understanding of numbers and quantities. Many children are able to count after attending kindergarten class. However some cannot isolate the number and the quantity or they have trouble to  count with the concept of quantity.  Ruth has the  concept of isolation.

However we must develop the  concept of more or less, large quantity number and small quantity number. It seem this is a challenge to Ruth. Number is such an abstract notion for Ruth…. Unlike a noun where she can see the object, how can she see the abstract idea of  “quantity” in the number if she can’t count? Well, I put the number with the quantity to allow her  to see which number is more and which number is less. She found joy in learning. Upon learning I will give her a number without the quantity for her to recall what was taught to her. Amazingly she is able to differentiate which number is more and which number is less. She seems to enjoy the lesson. I guess, maybe for Ruth the lessons I give have to be games, with minimal writing involved and thereby cultivate her  interest in mathematics.

There are times when I see Ruth trying to imitate the way I teach the maths class to her. She will take the material I presented to her and introducesit  to another student. She seems to know what she is doing.

I  remember that two years ago when she first attended the program, she was far behind in her development, Now she has been transformed into another girl. I give credit to Ruth’s father who was instrumental in Ruth’s journey towards development. I encourage her father to take Ruth into real life environments and she learns when her father took her to visit different places. There is no replacement for learning from real life.

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