Ian – A new year brings new awareness

Feb 2013.

Ian took new steps forward in February 2013. He traveled back to his hometown for the Chinese New Year celebration. His mom told me that Ian is more settled. Last year he was unable to understand instructions and he could not control his emotions and actions.

Brooklyn Chinatown - Chinese New Year celebrat...

Chinese New Year celebration – Dragon costume (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year during Chinese New Year, Ian’s grandfather invited him to see his CNY ornamental decoration. Grandfather explained to Ian that he is not allowed to touch the ornament. Ian’s mother was worried that Ian will create a mess at home or break the ornament. But his grandfather was confident that Ian would not do so. And indeed, Ian behaved very well during Chinese New Year. Ian is now more easy to look after compared to the previous years. His understanding and ability to follow instructions has markedly improved.

When Ian came back from a week of CNY break, I was worried I will have to restart his brain engine, but to my surprise I noticed that Ian is no longer obssessed with animals picture cards also disappeared. This gave me a new room to adventure with him in learning.

Now we begin the journey to discover other words like. eg. stationery. Ian is able to stay focused to learn the names of the stationery both verbal with picture shown to him  and the words. His ability to recalls word has again improved. His patience to take turns to play a game has improved too.

The Rebound Therapy lessons combined with all the early intervention lessons has brought Ian to another level of development. There is no short cut to improve a child, we have to be patient to develop a child at his own pace and not to stress and upset the child. When I recall back the year of 2012 when Ian first attended my lessons I truly feels thankful, Ian has gone from an unresponsive and speechless boy to become a boy who can respond and communicate. Great credits to his parents were instrumental of this progress by working hand in hand with us.


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