Samantha 1.1 – mother’s love

April 2012.

Date and year are important to me. It tells me the duration of day, month and year that I have worked  and grown with the children who have learning challenges in life.

Samantha joined me in mid April 2012. She is of age 6 when she first comes to join my lesson. From outlook, Samantha looks like a normal child. However an experienced therapist or doctor in development needs will see she has a learning challenge. (Special Needs Children).

Her mother has quit her job for the purpose to help to develop Samantha. They travel at least 65km a day to my centre. Wow that is a long distance driving through heavy traffic in the Klang valley, Malaysia.

Prior Samantha joined my centre, her mother has traveled with her to many therapist centres and hospitals for check up on her learning disorder. Yet no one could tell Samantha’s mother on what are the learning challenges Samantha has. What  happened to her brain ?  Her mother even hired a “one on one” tutor for her. However they cannot see a significant improvement in Samantha.

Oh what a sacrifices out of love, Samantha’s mother made: she left her career to develop her own daughter? I came across parents who can’t accept their own children with learning challenges. Samantha’s mother is a great mom.

First day in centre I look into Samantha’s communication processing. She doesn’t have much vocabulary in Mandarin and not a word of English she can understand. Gratefully thank God I am able to converse in Mandarin and English. My first task will be to see how far Samantha has and understanding of language processing. It will be a great challenge I think.

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