Abel 1.3 – speech

April 2013.

Abel is such an amazing boy. His determination to develop himself is strong. Abel has improved from being not responsive to become responsive to communication despite his limitations in speech.

There is no short cut to develop a child with speech/communication processing challenges. I have first settled his tantrums by making him relate better with me. Feedback from Abel’s mother, she said Abel is now able to understand communication: eg. whenever Abel saw a toy car in the mall he will ask for it, if his parent don’t buy it for him, Abel will r0ll on the floor. However now Able no longer has such behaviour. He is able to understand what his mother told him. His mother said Abel will only watch the car and then walk away. There is really no standard method to develop a child, as all the children are unique. One has to really blend together with Abel and learn to understand him, then the program and lessons will be designed according to his needs for development.

I noticed the Rebound Therapy has really tuned down Abel’s tantrums. Daily Abel will ask for RT, after RT he will able to blend well into the lesson. Each time Abel wants something I will insist for him to name or say it out. Without saying it out he won’t get what he wants. I noticed Abel really makes an effort to say it out. In the beginning he will parrot what I say. However now he no longer imitates or follows what I say. Abel knows how to use the language and speak the right words at the right time. That shows to me Abel is now able to understand and effectively process communication.

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