Ian – new adventure


April is a challenging month to work with Ian. He understands more and processes communication better. He is able to understand what is “I want” and “I don’t want”. He is no longer parroting with this two phrases. Rebound Therapy integrated with other therapy method has really improved Ian to another level of learning and focus.

Ian is more outspoken with his language, the ability to communicate with four to five words in a phrase and sentence has improved. This two months we have been focusing to develop Ian to have better focus while doing table tasks. Looking into his gut system, Ian has added whole foods to his diet. This has also improved his gut system: having a good gut, Ian will able to absorb all the nutrients of the food. Daily Ian will have to go thru the therapy lesson before he is placed into cognitive development. The therapy lessons improved Ian’s brain plasticity. Rebound Therapy is provided to Ian daily. In RT, the children develop social skilsl by taking turns to bounce.

We look beyond therapy, we also look into his diet. Ian ‘s tantrum have decreases with an increase in focusing. His ability to remember words has improved. We are introducing nouns for transport. fruit, animals, stationery, name of colors, number words and ┬ácounting concept to Ian in these two months. In Ian’s cognitive development I am applying Montessori‘s concepts of teaching to deliver the lesson together with a multi senses ┬álearning concept. Lessons are delivered in the form of games to attract Ian’s interest in learning.

It takes a lot of work to understand a child and to connect with him. This takes place in Ian too. Ian develops a relationship with me, hence my lessons to him will be lighter and we will both have to spend less effort to reach our goals.


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