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It is a year past, Samantha attended the programme with me. Has she improved? Well it depends on individual opinion and what you want from Samantha. Growing up from a Mandarin speaking background, she has improved in verbal communication with understanding in both Mandarin and English.

She is an amazing girl, though she can’t recognize prints (alphabet and number and color.) but she can carry out instruction tasks, eg. “Can you give me Jacob’s towel”? She will bring the towel to me. It shows that she is aware of her environment. In one occasion I told all the children to drink water … to my surprise Samantha will bring Jordan’s tumbler and pass it to Jordan. She passed other tumblers to respective children. After distributing all the tumblers, she will come to inform that Jordan didn’t want. Truly Jordan did not take the tumbler Samantha gave him. Samantha interpret that Jordan don’t want.

Daily Samantha has to gone thru the therapy lessons such as Rebound Therapy which has improved her attention span and focus. On RT I develop language to Samantha eg. jump, jump higher, bounce, bouncing, come here, wait. Samantha also shows a skill of understanding language processing . One day her mother asked her  “Do you want to bounce” her reply is “Later lah” . Truly after some time she eventually did go to have a free bounce.  It amazes me that she understands the meaning of the word “later”.

Teaching language skills to children with learning difficulties is not easy. All too often children will simply parrot what you say. Children need to develop expressive language, they have to learn to express themselves and make requests of what they need.





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