Samantha – cognitive development

April – June

Time passed by so fast, Samantha has grown up in age. Will her cognitive development grow  proportionally with her age and maturity? It is a challenge to work with Samantha on cognitive development. Daily she has to gone thru all the therapy lesson including  Rebound Therapy.

Colors. Her mother has been teaching her on naming the colors since she was age 5. Till today she did not grasp the concept of names of colors. However she possesses the skill to sort out the color blocks according to the color grouping. Since Samantha is able to sort it out, I have transcribed it onto paper form for her to match 6 colors. To my surprise she can’t match the color? Is she color blind? If she is, how can she sort out the blocks according to the color? Instead of giving 6 colors to her, I have narrowed it down to three colors. Step by step I coach her  to allow her to find the colors to match. This also shows me, although Samantha looks at the worksheet, it does not mean the details are captured in her brain, hence she may not able to see what is printed on paper.

As we work on the color matching concept by narrowing down for her to focus, Samantha begins to match the colors. Though at the moment she still can’t name  the colors.

Alphabet. Another challenging area to work with Samantha is to see prints or letters. The same thing happens: she can’t see prints … not even match letter “a” to “a” in both 3Ds form or worksheet.

In June, Samantha’s mom asked me to take them for a healing rally “God‘s power”. We went on Friday despite of heavy rain. The believers come to pray for her.  Truly on the following Monday I can see Samantha is different. She begins to have the ability to see prints / letter.  She even can match alphabets while earlier she can’t see prints. We do  the matching on work sheet and printed alphabets. She also has the ability to match words like “Pot to pot”, “peg to peg”. Once her mom ask me, is there a miracle healing? My reply is “yes, if you believe. Now Samantha can see prints, don’t you believe it is a miracle healing”? All glory unto God.

This development was seen and witnessed by one of the student’s mother, she herself also can’t believe.  Samantha failed to see print/ alphabet and now she can see alphabet.

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