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Time really flies so fast. Caleb has transformed from a boy who hardly could sit still to listen, to someone who can now attend a lesson. Caleb is much different from other children, although his speech and communication processing are not bad, this does not mean Caleb does not have learning challenges.

Caleb gives the impression, he has a tough time to recall what has been taught to him. One needs to be very patient to work with Caleb, as he has his own thoughts. There are times when Caleb is able to recall the words being taught to him but he pretends he does not know. In my opinion, perhaps Caleb uses this as a strategy  to get attention from the adults.

When I do “one to one” teaching with Caleb he is able to read the words, however when I one teacher works with two children, Caleb¬† starts acting as if he doesn’t know how to read. In reality Caleb is able to read the words. I believe Caleb is seeking attention.

Caleb’s parent are full-time employed, after attending my lessons Caleb will be go to the care provider’s home. Then in the evening before dinner time, his parent will fetch him back home.

What amount of quality time can his parents provide to him? Caleb actually has a good general knowledge, he can apply tools and instruments and he figured out a strategy to get adults to attend to him.


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