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Time passed by very fast. It has been two months since I last updated my blog. This blog is about a real life experience with the children I work with. Each child has its own learning disorder and no standard procedure has been able to improve it. One will have to work with the child and discover what are the areas lacking in them.

Last month Ruth has gone back to her development doctor to have an evaluation of her development compared to 6months ago. According to her doctor Ruth has shown a remarkable improvement. She is able to write without seeing the print. Ruth is able to read and to comprehend what she reads. Ruth has developed the mathematical concept of addition and subtraction, how many, which is long/short, which is more/less, which is heavy/light. Ruth looks to be a normal child, with the skills a normal child needs in order to learn and the remarkable things is that Ruth has acquired these skills herself. However her doctor wants her to improve her writing skills further.

Her father and I have taken up the challenge to improve her writing skill. Now we have given her a daily task to do, apart from the therapy given to her to improve her finger flexibility. Her father was astonished to see Ruth’s ability able to write the letters.

Each day I discover new things with Ruth. One friday, Ruth shows me her writing book, I was surprised to see she is able to write in a neat and proper way. So I asked her “Who write it”? I want to call appa/father. Ruth replies “No need, I wrote it”. True enough her father said, it is Ruth who wrote it.

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