Ian – Music & reading

July – August.

all the instruments are made from recycled and...

all the instruments are made from recycled and salvaged materials (Photo credit: Shira Golding)

These two months, Ian has shown a remarkable improvement, prior to this Ian was unable to follow the music class but now he can. The music teacher and us are planning for a percussion performance with instruments made from recycled materials. What a surprise! Ian is able to play the drum in accordance with the rhythm. Compared to six months ago, his attention span and concentration have improved remarkably. Apart from the early intervention programme, I noticed the diet also has play a role in child development. Having a good gut system will help to absorb the nutrients and supply them to the brain.

I  noticed that putting Ian and the other children first through a therapy lesson, they become more focused and more confident. I can see Ian is more confident in communication and reading. He is now learning sight words and counting concept. Ian is able to read most of the nouns, words that he can see in concrete.

Feedback from his mom, she said they can now even take him to the movies. Ian is able to sit through till the movies finish. Before he attended my lessons, Ian was not able to endure till the movie finishes. Ian started attending my lessons in March 2012, he came in without concrete response and no developed speech . Today he responds so well, I’d say it is God‘s healing to Ian. His development is not just in cognitive but also in social skills.

When we do a lesson or game where the children have to take turns, Ian is now able to wait for his turn to present the matching card. When I think back these past months of developing Ian, I feel thankful for the support of his parents who journey together to help Ian. His dad will take him out for adventure, there Ian will have to learn to adjust himself to a new environment.

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