Gen. Samuel Development 1.1.

August 2013

Time passes by so fast, It has been more than a month since I returned from the UK after attendingĀ  my Rebound Plus course and travel to co-tutor two group of adults who have a passion to learn Rebound Therapy with Mr. Paul Kaye. It was my pleasure to travel to meet the founder of Rebound Therapy Mr. Eddy. Mr. Eddy is an amazing Therapist, he has a natural touch with children. He shares in-depth knowledge about RT to me.

Recently, I took up a case from another special needs centre. I designed a combination of Rebound therapy plus other therapy lessons to fit Samuel’s need for development. Samuel is age 6. According to his mother, whenever Samuel gets out from the house, they need to hold tight his hand, otherwise he will run away . As soon as he gets out of the car, he will run off. This sounds challenging to me and I slot him in for my evening therapy lesson. Samuel blends in with my lessons, after just two lessons, I can just stand to watch him walk over to his mother’s car from my place. It is about 30 meter of walking. Thru proper observation of Samuel, I was able to design a therapy lesson for him. Ruth was like Samuel, whenever her father took her out, she would run away due to excitement. However now her father can easily can take her out from home. They even went for vacation to Bali, India and Disney Land Hong Kong.

English: A view of Disneyland, Hong Kong

English: A view of Disneyland, Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As for Samuel I encourage his parents to involve him in the activities around the house eg. like carrying a shopping bag with groceries from the car to the home. This will gives Samuel a sense of responsibility. Feedback from his father, he said now Samuel will carry it and follow his father into the house rather than run away each time he gets out of the car. Truly there is not one method of therapy that can fit all the children. One needs to observe and understand the response of the child before a therapy lesson is carried out.


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