Gen.1.2 Sarah – Challenging Behaviour

August 2013

Sarah was age 7 plus when she first came to my lessons at the end of 2012. When I first met her I was shocked to see her challenging behaviour. In my therapy I always focus on the preschoolers as they are of a small size. When they have challenging behaviour I can easily cuddle them or roll the unto a weighted blanket. Sarah’s size is more than half of my size. How could I cuddle her? My weighted blanket has only enough weight for the preschooler. I want to thank her father for his cooperation to stay in together during the therapy lesson.

Sarah has Rebound Therapy, she really enjoy it, she has a natural movement in RT though she may not want to follow what I told her to do. Instead of asking her to follow me I rather choose to follow her and enter into her world. Then Sarah and I can become one, we become good friends. Once this relationship is developed. Sarah will learn to trust me. Trust will lead Sarah to follow my therapy lesson.

According to Sarah’s parents, Sarah will pinch them when she is not happy or when she becomes frustrated. This really happened in front of me, she pinched her parents. This is really shocking. In my mind I was thinking “How can Sarah made to understand how we feel when she pinches us”? The way I responded to Sarah might not be the way a lot of therapists do, but this has stopped Sarah from pinching people when she is not happy or frustrated. With the consent from her parents, I hold Sarah’s finger to pinch her back. I did that and it is painful to my heart but this has stopped Sarah from pinching, even if she want to pinch, she just touches your hand and she pushes and thinks, then she stops.

There are no standard procedure to work with children with learning challenges, one really has to understand and know when to use which method of therapy and learning to help them. Is Sarah an autistic child? Does she has brain out of balance that causes her to have such behavior? Until I pinched her, she did not understand she was hurting other people. She could not put herself into the other person’s situation.


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