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Time will not wait for us.  It passed by very fast. It has been  almost 18 months Ian attend my lesson. I have seen him growth from a boy who does not have speech, poor eye contact, can’t read, write and response to a boy who has speech, communication, meaningful eye contact and response in the right situation so as to read and write and counts. Therapy lesson is provided to Ian daily, this to keep his brain into optima capacity to focus and coordinate.

When i look back into the month of January 2013 I could recall, I am in the process of coaching Ian to match same alphabet together. eg. a to a, b to b and so on. Now Ian acquired the skill of writing, reading and counting. I have notice the way Ian trace shape of triangle, square, rectangle, which of did not has a concept of stroke and pattern. With this will Ian able to have concept to write alphabet? I begin to spoke to her mom. We rectify the concept to trace shape. As we move on, I begin to see Ian begin to develop concept though not in perfect. We start it by development lower case letter. It work well for Ian, though there are time i will have to start the engine for Ian to carry on the writing.

I also learn to blend into Ian, eg, Ian love animals, hence i will start the writing mixture of animal nounce and other nounce like public place or stationery. Many time we adult insist the child to follow our instruction instead of try to understand of their  need in development. This happen to Ian as well. I learn to blend in with him, he cooperates he talk more. He does not shut himself down.

Ian’s working mom has journey with him a lot. I truely thank her for her participation in improving Ian.

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