September 2013.

Joys is what i encounter when i see Abel has improve each day. He transform from a boy who will bang his head against the wall and fall on the ground like a tree trunk when he was upsad to a boy who now able to express in speech and communication. Rebound therapy and other therapy skill i am design for Abel has helped him to improve as the day goes by.

His parent enrolled him for speech and development lesson, but i have go beyond speech to Abel, his cognitive development has also improved. I always told his mom that Abel is much better than other children, his mom think i want to please her. Hence daily she will come early to fetch Abel, so as to spend time with us. She begin to see other children’s learning challenges are more tough than Abel. I told her i don’t i know how to have sweet word to please parents. I am very direct to the point instead of go into the bushes and some out again.

Abel love to bounce on trampoline. On one occassion i insisted him to say ” i want jump, i want bounce.” Abel refuse to say, so Rebound therapy on that slot i have gave to another person. on the following day, Abel has volunteer say “i want to jump”. There i allow him to follow my RT lesson. He really bounce in joys, as he bounce i can see his tantarum has decrease and communication processing has begin to take place. Now whenever Abel want some thing he will make verbal request. for eg, he will say ” i want to go out” in the evening time. Apart from speech Abel also begin to development cognitive development. At the moment he is learning isolation of number with quantity and number words.

i have also cultivate Abel to like book. There are time he will take the dictionery with picture to recall what we have tought him in verbal .

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