Ruth- writtings

September 2013

Ruth and i are always facing challenges on her development. i have to use three months to improve her hand writing. August we begin the journey to improve her writting together with her father. I will say she has make a good improvement with most of the word, sentences written by her is able to read by us. As usual Ruth has gone thru all the therapy lesson before she starts her day to learn lesson which prepare her form grade 1.

Prior to this, Ruth’s hand writing was not so sharp but now it is sharp. I am able to read, she has also learn to write properly with awareness spacing between the words. A girl from zero skill i should said has transform to someone who can read, count, write, sing, dress up herself, socialise, carry out instruction,  I will say it is a great improvement take place in Ruth.

August when i gave her the task to write on book contain 4 lines, Ruth just unable to coordinate the space judgement to write on the right line with right spacing. example 1. Ruth also has difficult to write letter g, h, y,u, d, b. This is the second month i work intensively with her on hand writtings.  Daily she is not just doing hand writtings but we put into therapy method that will  improve her finger coordination and strength. She also has to cope up with the preparation for grade 1 learning, should her parent decided to send her. Two year plus with Ruth, i can see her vast improvement as the day goes by. Her gross motor coordination skill has also improved. In those day she is unable to jump with both leg lifted up and catch ball. Today, she could walk on the balancing wood bar, then jump into the tyres then jump out and land in the hula hop circle and jump out.

There is no one size fit into all children, i have really to think and design therapy method that suit into the developmental need of Ruth to achieve the optima result.


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