Ian-animal vs speech

September 2013

I love to work with Ian, in him i see many interesting thing that make me think out of box to develop him. Ian is a boy who loves animals, well how can i introduce sight word to him? It will be dull to just read sight words, hence i incoporate animal name into the sight words. i introduce sight word like “find” , “go”, “walk”, “to”. Then i repeat the sight word again by engage animal nouns. eg. find me lion, Ian will find the word card with the word “lion”.Then I say go to find me tiger, Ian will find me the word with tiger. The same I repeat for the others , upon Ian find all the cards. I lay them down to read together with him.

Phrases make from those word may not make sense but my objective for him is to learn sight word is achieve. Here it goes”- Find me tiger, go find me tiger, walk me to lion-sound funny.

Therapy is provided to Ian in daily basis to give his brain in optimum capacity. Feedback from his mom, she says Ian response less to speech therapist, Ian seems not interested in speech lesson. The speech therapist deliver a lesson Ian. She wants Ian to learn word about item in the kitchen. Many time in reality we want the child to accept what we adult wants the child to learn instead to understand the ability of the child and respect to the interest of the child.  I believe that is why the child wont response to us as adult. This goes to Ian as well. I wont be surprise of Ian’s  mom’s feedback. Let us see how Ian improve as the days goes by.

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