Samantha – alphabet naming


Time passed by very fast. Samantha has grown up and her interest to learn really gives me a great courage. Despite her inability to name the letters of the alphabet, she still takes books to look at it and ask questions.

Samantha progressed from not being able to match the letters of the alphabet to a girl who can do so now. We moves into naming the alphabet, I mean she has to know the names of the letters. I notice that when she improves her motor skills, she also improves in other areas. In Rebound Therapy, Samantha has acquired the skill to do a “sit drop”. It looks easy but for a girl like her, it is a great achievement.

In naming the letters I have narrowed it down to work with 5 letters each time. I begin to see she is able to point out the correct letter to me when I name them. This happens to words matching as well. I notice she begins to see the print in order. eg. if the word is “peg”, she is able to find the word “peg” to match it up. She could no do that previously: she could not recognize the print.

Is this the way she progresses her learning? I say it is healing in progress. Her vocabulary in both English and Mandarin has also improved. She can now better understand instructions.

Her cognitive development in living skills has also expanded. After the meal she will volunteer to organize to clear the dishes away. Dishes come in a variety of size and to my surprise she has the cognitive ability to understand that the large plate must be put on the bottoms and then on top of that the smaller ones. She seems to have found that out all by herself. This is a significant development. She understands relative sizes and applies that knowledge to a practical situation. This is a significant evolution and I expect that in the near future we will see more breakthroughs in her skills.


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