Timmy-eye contact, speech

Dec 2013.

Age 4

Is diagnosis matter to you? How accurate is the diagnosis ? Timmy comes with a label as Autistic spectrum with lack of eye contact, verbal communication, motor skills, challenging behaviour.  There is no books can give me a clues about how to work with Timmy. His label seem not make sense to me. How can Timmy  count from one to ten and  he yet to develop  communication both in verbal and none verbal?

Timmy seems not afraid of danger, he has a poor tactile integration that may has blocked his brain to send signal about danger. He also wont let go his bag when come to centre, his will power to carry the bag every where he sit or move in the centre. There are time i have to remove the bag from him, that  upsad and he cries. I will tell him is ok you can cry. There i slowly to begin therapy with him, as the time pass by i can see Timmy begin to have meaningful eye contact me.

Timmy was such an super active boy with little attention span. He can climbs up the gate, shelf, even the  tree in my garden. i allow him to climb with proper coaching, thru climbing Timmy learn coordination of his body eg eye and hand  coordination. A person able to climb up does not mean that person able to climb down. Many urban children no longer has this adventure of climbing. Looking at the point of developmental need i allow Timmyto climb up tree. it is a surprise to see him able to get down from the tree. A real challenging to work with Timmy, will he improve further?

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