Samuel development 1.2


Time really flies so fast. Many centre in Klang Valley has organise their annual year end school event. This happen to the centre Samuel attend for his schooling.

Feedback from Samuel’s mom, she said the centre has award Samuel a thropy of being the most effective learner and shown improvement. I can see his parent are happy though i think they are much more to develop in Samuel. But again Samuel only comes an hour a week for his therapy lesson. His parents intention for him to attend my lesson is to develop Samuel so that when they are in public place Samuel will not run wild.

I can see Samuel enjoy my lesson, each lesson he dont feel wants to go home. There are time i wonder what will be the set up of his home and his schooling environment.

Any how i am still working toward to make his parent more involve on his therapy at home after attend my lesson. There certain movement to do at home to keep Samuel’s brain in peak integration. Sadly to say some modern parents tend to be busy at work till the delegate the task to others.

I will say apart from attend my lesson, parents plays the key therapist in a child’s life. Parents need to develop bonding to their children so as to understand their child’s need in development. I feel sorry for Samuel. Let us hope far can he develop for the coming months.



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