Ian- processing

Oct. 2013

i wish there is a magic pills for all the learning challenges children, then they will all recover to the maxima. This happen to Ian. Has he make improvement? I will say he has. Ian was diagnose will dypraxia according to her mom.

Motor cordination is a challenge to Ian, how ever we did not give up to develop him. He has able to write without seeing the print. I mean when one name the letter he is able to write it out. Ian loves coloring, so each time after the reading activities, i will engage with some coloring to please him, Ian has to color according to the color code i have place for him. without the ability to read the name of color and processing to understand the instruction given, Ian will not able to color the picture. So far he has did it well. Ian will have to focus on each code and what is the color to color.

Speech and communication processing are two different area of development to me. In the society there are many preschooler is able to read but unable to process what they had read. Some they are able to talk but unable to recall what they have read. Some they are unable to recall how to read the words even they have atttend phonic reading programme.

I did not develop reading thru phonic system to Ian. I found he is better in using roots words to read. So far he has keep improve in reading.

Daily Ian has to gone thru therapies to keep his brain in optimum level. Each lesson is individual design to suit his developmental needs.



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