Nov 2013

Malaysia is a multi racial country. November month is  the month for the Indian to celebrate Deepavali. In this festive season Ruth’s dad has make arrangement for family trip to Northen India where they can visit to Taj Maha.

I like make to make a joke with Ruth, i told Ruth to buy Taj Maha for me. His  dad has bought me a fridge magnet, I show to Ruth, Ruth said she bought that Taj Maha for me. I always believe travel will allow a child to learn and develop in their pace. Ruth is able to recall what happen in India, she can tell what she do when visited to Taj Maha, with whom she has visited Taj Maha? She even told me which hotel she put up. Wow cool and amazing. This show Ruth is aware what is going on along the trip. She even told me she on board with her grandma. Well in order for me to confirm all those information she release to me, i have make a counter check with her father. Yes it is true of what has take place when visit to India.

Upon Ruth return to  centre i can still sense and feel she is still in India, most of the conversation she talk are about India.  After two days when she get down from  her father’s car she has a different smile. that smile tells me she has return back to her local malaysia life.

Travelling has allow Ruth to learn adaptation to different culture and value, so as the meals. Some adult will suffer sleep  difficuties after change pillow and bed. Ruth amazingky has adjusted well.


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