Year of 2014- Rais, Carson

Jan 2014

I want to thank all the readers of my blog.

Year 2014 is a challenging year to me. The price hikes up in most of the consumer goods is a great challenge. Should i increase the therapy fees like most of the therapist do ?

This years i have  preschooler children able to integrated to the normal preschool after attended my therapy lesson.  In view of vacant place i have taken in four new cases. Rather a  challenging new year, a year with challenging behavior children, none respond children, speech and communication delays children.  A mixture of challenges children.

Thank God, amazing development always take place. Hence i believed in healing comes from the God thru therapy.

Feedback parents.

case 1. Nick name : Rais

Boy age 4 with challenging behavior has melted down his tantrum behavior, he begin to develop  information processing. His mom said his tantrum has melt down. Boy begin to understand instruction given to him and able to carry out the task. He is able to begin follow us with naming the colors: eg. yellow, purple, black.

During our music movement lesson. I notice Rais could focus on what the music teacher taught. He could follow to say “Do, Re, Mi” then clap hand with tempo and beats. I could notice Rais tantrum has getting lesser. He is more understanding of instruction.

case 2.

Boy age 3, Nickname :  Carson

Boy has not much respond when one calls him. Boy has speech delay. The medical specialist has label him as autistic. Oh dear boy only age 3, there are much rooms for him to improve if the right therapy is given. I believe a child’s brain has a room to develop which i call it plasticity of brain.

However after a month therapy with me, boy is able to respond with smile.

He is more engage with his young brother where he call the young brother as didi. (didi is young brother, wet is wee wee)

Feedback from his mom. She said Carson seem can different between day and night time. At night after his mom clean him up. His mom will place three pair of clothing, one is for going out from home, sight seeing cloth, one pair is for home cloth and another pair is  pyjamas. She was surprise to see Carson able to select pyjamas.  Carson’s mother say before attend my therapy lesson, Carson is unable to identify the right cloth at the right time to wear.



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