March 2014,

Time pass by too fast, now is March, soon April.

Today i only know the previous Samuel is so tough for his mom to handle. I seldom like to touch on how is Samuel at home. What his parents brief me when i first saw him in 2013 is Samuel will run away when he is out of house. eg if you open the house gate Samuel will run away instead to walk into the car.

Morning his mom said Samuel improve so much.. my reply in what way? wah little will i know at home Samuel give parents hard time. His mom say it is no way she can left Samuel alone in the hall and she went upstair to have her bath. He commented if no one eye on Samuel, he may go to the kitchen, ┬átake tea, coffee and make drinks , sometime he plays the knife and gas cooker. Wah i got a shock, my reply to her is are you sure?. Samuel’s mom reply yes. i cant believe it. it must be tough for a working mom to work and have to look after him with in law’s support.

However Samuel’s mother feedback since ever attend my therapy lesson Samuel has improve so much. He no longer went to the kitchen to play around. Samuel will on the television and watch the channel to his interest. what a relief as least Samuel can sit and not wonder around at home.

Samuel has accepted to our National public special need school. I notice his command of understand and process basic Bahasa Malaysia has improve. Samuel no longer talk air (talk some thing unrelated to my question.) Samuel now able to process my question. His understanding process of language has also show improvement. Today i just realize the little improvement with Samuel has give his mom a happy smile.

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