Peter- posture

March-May 2014.

Peter is age 7, He has seizures at age of 6 months. Mom said the dr gave Peter styeriod medicine. Peter walks by drags his left feet, his neck control was not firm, body posture clumsy. Peter yet to develop writting skill, maths concept, how ever it was amazing that Peter is sensitive to sound and remember words he has read. Peter also has his tantarum time. I felt motivated by the way his parents want to develop him. His mom even stop work from corporate work for the reason to look after Peter and his elder brother.

i ¬†carry a typical concept of development like if we wants to build a house, surely we will put up a good strong foundation before we build the house structure. This apply to Peter, if he does not have a good fine motor skill, how can he grip a pencil. ? If He don’t have a neck control how can he sit to write ? If he keeps on walking and dragging his left feet, will this look odd in the society ?

I start programme with building foundation for Peter’s postural development. Thank God, Peter’s posture shows improvement, he no longer drag his feet to walk, his head is better in control. Peter used to come for therapy by asking me to spell words, my response to Peter is you tell me . However those repetitive to ask me to spell have change to a more constructive conversation.



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