March, 2014

It has been months since i last write about Ian. 2014 has been another challenging year for Ian in the centre. This year i begin to engage Ian into normal preschool concept of learning. It was not easy for this transition time to Ian, I begin provide book for him to read and do the worksheet.

I begin given him books with body parts, kitchen ultensil, supermarket item. Ian will read and label the picture with the nouns name. Ian has also develop the ability to copy letter and word. Writing will be come meaningless if a child cant read. Hence my first two years with Ian i have been very focus to develop communication processing, reading process and minima of writing. Though along the therapy i have develop Ian writting concept. In the begin it was tough for me, as Ian doesn’t aware of  concept of stroke for writting. Can you imagine by use one stroke line Ian can draw a triangle? I wonder who has taught her that? His mom said the OT. In my mind i was thinking may be they have get a junior OT. There i begin to explain why a child need to have concept of basic stroke to his mom. His mom was kind and hardworking to journey hand in hand with us to rectify Ian’s error. Our hardwork pays off. Ian begin to aware of proper stroke in writting.

Again there is no book fit into a child, So i have design the worksheet that fit for Ian’s developmental needs apart from the basic book I provide to Ian.  I also has one assistant to coach Ian after i have therapy lesson for Ian. Weekly i will check into Ian’s cognitive ability.

Last year i have also work on Maths concept to Ian, at the moment he has acquire the skill or larger quantity, small quantity, larger number, smaller number, more or less. Sadly i can see Ian does not like Maths so much but he still learn it.  Will Ian continue improve in his development? what a great challenge i am facing. ?



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