Rais -speech communication -1


case 1. Nick name : Rais


Boy age 4 with challenging behavior has melted down his tantrum behavior, he begin to develop  information processing. His mom said his tantrum has melt down. Boy begin to understand instruction given to him and able to carry out the task. He is able to begin follow us with naming the colors: eg. yellow, purple, black.

During our music movement lesson. I notice Rais could focus on what the music teacher taught. He could follow to say “Do, Re, Mi” then clap hand with tempo and beats. I could notice Rais tantrum has getting lesser. He is more understanding of instruction.


It has been sometime since i last update my  write on child’s improvement in my centre or thru my work. Past months has been a great challenge to work with children with various learning challenges.

Rais is such a loving boy. Does he improved ? Feed back from his parents, they said Rais did improved, he is now more willing to follow to say eg. open door, i want open door. I could recall the day i want him to say open door. he make such a fuss, knock on my door, throw anger. i just allow him to do so, as the time pass by, i guess with therapy has open up himself to more participate to talk. As for me, if he can say number 1 to 10. this shows to me he can have more words in verbal. Rais knows alphabet as well. He  recognise and name to letter. So if he cant talk that doesnot make sense. I hold a believe Rais can talk, he is not what some people name as Autistic.

Rais come for my lesson three time a week, each lesson 2 hours plus. I do a lot of observation, i don’t think he is autistic. It will be unfair to label a child before age 7 as autistic. I alway believe human brain has plasticity. It can growth if provide the right stimulate. This happened to Rais.

Rais now more willing to talk when we ask him to follow our speech , even when his dad to fetch him, Rais is more willing to make request of “open gate”, “please open”, “i want go home” . Prior he reached this stage of development, he has gone thru some wrestle with me.  Rais seems felt fun to wrestle.In the beginning i used PECS for his speech. i notice no way he can talk. I come to the lowest point to engage play with him. This really fun to Rais. Thru the fun, he learn the sounds and nouns.

In regards to social skill, it was amaze to see he is able to engage friend play with him. I notice since he was close with another girl name Hannah, there are time i engage pairing learning, I assign Hannah to role model as teacher to teach Rais name of fruits. It i lovely to see Rais is able to practice what i have taught him with Hannah. Hannah will name the fruits, Rais will follow, then Hannah ask Raise to name of fruits. Rais is able to name the common fruits. His attention span also longer. Feedback from his parents. His  parent said they can see Raise improve, more willing to communicate, more solf unlike last time, he no longer shout and scream so much. He is more approachable.



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