May, 2014

Ruth is an amazing girl. She was diagnose as ADHD with Autism. How accurate is her diagnosed ? This diagnose was done  four years ago. I alway told myself our brain is plasticity, brain cell keeps growing as we growth. This will take place in Ruth as well too.

Ruth was not under any medication, her improvement was done thru therapy. Overall she has improve amazingly.

She has improve from a child with no speech, read, write, count,socialise, self help skill, sing, dance to a child with all those mentioned skills.

I could remember three years I challenge his father to journey together to develop Ruth. His dad make the effort. This years is the third year Ruth’s father journey with us to develop Ruth. This year Ruth’s dad has reap his harvest. He is able to travel with Ruth for vacation, even without mother join them. Ruth’s dad has develop a relationship that he understand Ruth. The ability of Ruth to socialise with friend is a remarkable improvement, she also develop the ability to initial plays with her pears and friends which I think many so call in Autistic spectrum has lacking in it. I felt the therapy lesson / module I develop to develop her has bring good result.

Apart from academic / cognitive , Ruth has develop music movement eg. Ability to used her finger to coordinate music note movement which last year she is totally out of the ability to do. This year she has do good. Music teacher also felt satisfy to teach.




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