Peter posture pincer grip

August 2014

Time pass by so fast. It was great to travel to attend course to upgrade my knowledge and skills, at the same time has time to update my journey news with child I work with.

Peter has making progress in his postural development. He has also shows maturity in his thought and communication. He no longer ask me to spell words, he has generalize his conversation with me. Eg he will share what happen in school bit by bit. Feedback from his mom, Peter begin to show emotional feeling compare with before he attend therapy lesson from me. When he has upsad his mom, he knows how to cheer his mom up. Prior to that Peter was not aware he has upsad his mom.

Peter join me to improve his pincer grip and attention span. Has he improve? yes he has . I alway believed in parent involvement in therapy. Some of the therapy parent can ┬ádo at home , her mom has take the initiative to work with him at home. By consolidate my skill, I had seen Peter improve from a boy who can’t grip pencil to a boy now has the grip to hold pencil. From a boy fail to trace a line to a boy who now able to trace vertical and horizontal line. Peter has also develop simple Maths concept and interest to acquire skills.

It is hope my new skills will continue to improve Peter.

Written in Nov 2014

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