New boy in AMCDC: Jack

For privacy reasons, I  have given the boy the nickname of Jack.

December 1, 2011 marked a new journey in my intervention programme for children with special needs.

Today Jack, a new boy age 5, joined the programme. Jack was in another preschool for two years.

However he was not able to develop reading skills and concentration/focus skill. I also notice Jack’s lack of eye contact to other people or the material he is working on. He also doesn’t have the proper posture when writing.

It seems to me I have to start the brain engine/power of the boy from zero onward. It is important to lay a proper foundation to Jack before I deliver further skill to him.

The first days I will also further observe him and make a proper functional diagnosis. That will help in providing the best remedies for jack


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  1. Brandie says:

    Great thinking! That rlaley breaks the mold!

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