Oct 2014

The greatest joy in my work is to see each child improve thru the work of my hand together with my two assistant. Our work really bring meaning to life. It is a great joy to see Rais has more verbal speech, he make request in verbal compare to the beginning year he join my intervention therapy programme.

Rais has also improve in attention span, he has also develop basic reading and counting concept. in counting concept, Rais has to learn number isolate with quantity and number match with number word card. He also has to learn to read the number word card and provide me the correct quantity when I ask for the number. Eg number 7, Rais to give me the correct quantity.

This cognitive development also shows me the therapy I design has also improve his cognitive ability with attention span and speech development. In regards to pincer grip. We work in his finger reflex and response and concept of tracing line.

Feedback from his parents. They see Rais more calms, no longer use dryper in both day and night time. Rais is more initial to talk when he needs something . He has also mature in emotion, he is able to wait to take turns.

Rais is also able to initial for group play. Eg dance and sing with older boys and girls. There is no short cut to improve a child. I am thankful to God to bring improvement to the child I work with.





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