Ruth- Grade 2

Nov 2016
Time passes by very fast. Ruth has continue her education in a more structure and formal . In 2015, I have manage to source for a home school for her. The school only took in normal children.  Ruth has to learn to live with the society so call normal  children. At the moment she has progress well. in 2015 Ruth become the top score in Bahasa Malaysia.  She also has the ability to express what is happening in the class room. Thank God the home school teacher is able to cope up with Ruth . I should said the home school teacher is helpful, for the first three month of working with Ruth, when they need advise on how to handle, they will contact me. We work hand in hand for Ruth’s adaptation in a new environment. Currently Ruth attend once a week lesson with me to upkeep and maintain her. I notice Ruth has a super memory, she is able to recall the material she read and comprehend it . When i look back the first year she came to my centre, she don’t have any skill. After years of hard work, all pays off.. She now able  communicate , read, write, count, sing. dance. My work bring meaning to life. At least a child has gain better quality of life. It is my hope to see Ruth keep progress on.

For your information Ruth has also being discharge from her development doctor. Ruth no longer need see  her  developmental doctor.


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