JXian – amazing development

Time really passed by too fast. Jxian is now in grade 3 . He attends a home school for normal children. This home school takes in normal children instead of children with learning challenges. Jxian left the centre (AMCDC) in 2014 year end to join the home school, a place for leaning advancement, so as to blend in with the normal mainstream school children. Year 2015 he began to attend home school for normal children which  prepare them for IGCSE exam.

I could recall when the first time I met Jxian in 2012, he was age 7. He was  lack of many  skills which are required for a child to survive in normal mainstream  school.  He even can’t read, count, write or processing communication. It was such a great challenge to work with a boy age 7.

I design a therapy programme that suits to his development needs. I also design programmes that cultivate him in learning. All I know is when he left the centre, he must be independent, no need someone to accompany him to school. Truly this dream come thru when he is able to cope with formal learning sets up environment. I insist his parents to send him to normal school. Most important, he is inclusive in a normal school for learning.

The three years Jxian with AMCDC, he did not attend any other therapies. He only attends  the programme I design for him. To me it is amazing to see how an age 7 years boy’s brain can be rewired, reconnected to achieve to the maxima potential. Recently, I received a great news, saying that in 2018, the current school Jxian attends will promote him to jump from 3rd grade to 5th grade instead of 4th grade where he suppose to be.  Will he cope with his new terms, we shall see in 2018.

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